Health Services

The PALNA Shishu Kendras are DCCW’s most recent initiative. Started in 2014, these centres are aimed at preparing young underprivileged children in the age group 2� to 6 years to attend mainstream schools. The centres are expected to play an important role in the life of children whose parents are unable to provide adequate time and resources for their overall (physical, mental, emotional and social) development.

We at DCCW have changed our method of teaching from systematic rote learning to concept based learning which initiates a child to explore the environment and learn for themselves, facilitated by the teacher at hand. Children learn to question and are facilitated towards appropriate answers. Since the children come from diverse backgrounds, each brings with them different experiences, which provides a rich pool of available skills. This learning is sound and remains with the child all through life. This basic grounding instils discipline, manners, health and confidence in the child, along with the learning. Apart from games and recreation, occasions like Christmas, Diwali, New Year etc. are also celebrated at the kendras, and the significance of the days is explained to the children.

For many of the children this is the first experience of anything resembling a classroom, and many have never held a pencil or crayon before. They look forward to coming to the Kendra.

The kendras also advise and help parents on how to go about the school admission process, telling them about the necessary documents as well as preparing them to answer questions that will be asked of them.

A year of this grooming will result in a confident well groomed child, ready to surge ahead. This programme is linked well with all our programs of Supervised Homework Scheme, Vocational Training,, Educational Sponsorship, Corrective Surgery & therapy, and Bal Chetna, as the same principles are emphasized there and we at DCCW have seen the impact these have had.