It is located at C-251, New Ashok Nagar. The aim of the centre is empower the women, make them assertive and become economically independent. It provides the following services to women and girls: health care, non formal education, vocational training of six months duration in different trades: (beauty care, dress making, computer course, and handicraft). Free legal services are provided once a week and self help groups are formed in the community to empower the women. Information is disseminated about the various government benefits such As Ladli, Mamta, Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Health Insurance, Disability Pension etc through community meetings and the beneficiaries are guided to avail the benefits. Financial support for this project is provided by the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

The Achievements of GRC:

  • Through the INFORMATION DESK in GRC, information was given to the people in the community regarding vocational courses, jobs and future prospects of courses, about SHG, medical and health check up queries, doctor visit, mobile van check up etc. The total number of beneficiaries availing such information is 2762.

  • In order to make the people aware in the community about the facilities offered by GRC, government Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) such as Ladli, old age pension etc 113 meetings were held in the community. 244 Referrals were made to SDM office for making of birth certificate/caste certificate, ration card office for making of ration card, electoral office for making of voter’s ID, and district office for submitting the form for availing the government benefits.

  • VOCATIONAL TRAINING: The total number of students who availed vocational training in the stated trades is 383 out of which 98 students learnt beauty culture, 99 students learnt dress making, 90 students learnt computer course and 96 students learnt jute making and handicraft.

  • HEALTH: A total of 12 HEALTH CAMPS were organized in the community. The aim of the health camps was to provide health services free of cost to the people in the community. In each of these camps a general physician, gynecologist and pediatrician attended the patients. 2120 beneficiaries availed the health services. 992 women patients were attended by the gynecologist and 750 children were attended by the child specialist. In every camp health education was given to the patients on various topics like cleanliness, family planning etc .

  • NUTRITION: 16 nutrition camps were held every month in the community. A dietician was invited in each of these camps who gave talk on nutrition to the women and girls followed by demonstration of low cost nutritious recipes. The total number of beneficiaries who attended the nutrition camp was 808.

  • LEGAL COUNSELING: It was given to 586 cases. The cases dealt were on different issues such as domestic violence, consumer rights, dowry, property related, extra marital affairs etc. 57 home visits were made to resolve some issues. 10 referrals were made to places such as women’s cell, Delhi Legal Services Authority, Delhi Commission for Women, Mahila Panchayat etc.

  • NON FORMAL EDUCATION: It was imparted to school drop outs and adult illiterate women. The total number of beneficiaries was 97 out of which 46 women and 51 girls received education.

  • SELF HELP GROUPS: The aim of forming the SHG is to empower the women, develop leadership qualities, and improve their financial condition by pooling in money to start group savings, avail loans and develop skills for their economic independence. 12 SHG groups were formed. 155 self help groups meetings were held. The total amount of savings of all the groups was rupees 458700. In order to expose them to the various skill training options leading to self employment they were taken for a visit to Khadi Gram Udyog, Gandhi Mela and Trade Fair. Six training programs were organized for them. Inter loaning amongst the members was encouraged as they could avail the loan at very low interest from their group members. The total amount of inter loaning amongst the members was Rupees 15500.

  • Exhibition: For display and sale of the products of handicraft and jute making, stalls were put up at trade fair in November for 15 days, Bhagidhari Mela at pragati maidan for 2 days, M.C.D Gandhi Mela at pragati maidan for 1 day, HCL Company for 3 days and in the annual function of Mata Sundari College for 3 days.

  • Training Programs: The staff of GRC has also attended training programs organized for upgrading their skills from time to time.