It is Programme of Delhi Commission for Women, Government of Delhi. The objective of the Mahila Panchayat is to create legal awareness and women groups empowerment that are socio economically backward sections of the population and empower them. The concerned is to provide by providing legal information and making them aware of their rights through Camps, Group Meeting & Counseling Sessions. Mahila Panchayat is used for solving legal problems of women in the community such as dowry, property disputes, maintenance, extramarital affair of spouse, domestic violence etc. The Mahila Panchayats have been formed in 4 areas: Chilla Village, Patpargunj, Mandawali and New Ashok Nagar.

The Achievements of The Mahila Panchayat

The total number of Mahila Panchayat meetings held was 198 and 4649 community women members. 173 new cases were handled and 93 cases were solved. 180 cases were counseled. 268 cases were sent notices by Mahila panchayat. 264 cases were heard and follow up of 90 cases was done. Investigation was done of 156 cases and legal help was offered to 36 cases.( legal help was offered through DCW/NCW/police station/DLSA etc) Legal Aid & advice was given in 166 cases. 6 legal camps were held and 12 resource persons were invited to provide legal information. 402 community women & girls benefited from attending the LEGAL CAMPS & CAPACITY BUILDING. 4 exposure visits were organized for the members and 175 members went on the visits and Celebrated International Women Day. Premarital counseling was offered to 84 males and 109 females. In the families in which counseling was done 63 persons were males and 62 persons were females.