This is a project under the National Rural Health Mission(NRHM), Government of India. The mother NGO is SOSVA. The aim of this project is to ensure that quality health care services are made available to persons in the reproductive age group and children in New Ashok Nagar. Under the umbrella of health services prenatal care, postnatal care, neonatal, child care, family planning, treatment of persons suffering from reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases are covered.

The following activities were conducted under RCH Project :

  • DOOR TO DOOR SURVEY: Survey was conducted to identification of the number of women pregnant. Efforts were made to ensure that the delivery of the pregnant women was carried out by a skilled person/doctor or in Hospitals and after the delivery efforts were made to ensure proper post natal care, so that they took proper care of their new born child. The purpose of Survey was to find out the number of children suffering from childhood diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, diarrhea, polio etc. and efforts were made to ensure to proper treatment in dispensary / hospital and Immunization of the children.

  • The total number of pregnant women registered from BPL families were 331 and 116 pregnant women were below the age of 18 years. Iron folic acid pills were distributed to 692 women through trained doctor.

  • 381 new couples were enrolled for counseling, condoms were distributed to 758 cases, 304 accepted intra uterine device. 3 females underwent sterilization. 16 screening camps were held for RTI/STI awareness and 204 persons were counseled about the sexually transmitted diseases. 17 depots were created for distribution of condoms/OCP/ORS items in monthly Health camp and regular weekly OPD.

  • IEC Activities: 12 nukkad nataks 3 video shows were held to create awareness among the community persons on various topics such as reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, family planning etc.

  • GROUP Meeting & Orientation Trainings: The month training programme were held married men, married women, married adolescents, unmarried boys/girls and new parents on different sessions / topics such as nutrition, family planning, age of marriage, AIDS/HIV, immunization etc. During the period the total beneficiaries were 178 men in reproductive age group, 208 women in the reproductive age group, 179 married adolescents, 171 unmarried boys/girls and 294 new parents