This project focuses mainly on girl/women health and empowerment. It is funded by Population Foundation of India and the mother NGO is SMILE. Adhaar is implemented this project in C and E block of New Ashok Nagar and slum of Shashi Garden, Patpargunj. The objective of Swabhiman project is to generate awareness on issues of reproductive and sexual health covering safe motherhood, child health, family planning, RTI/STI, HIV, and AIDS among adolescent girls. It also aims to sensitize the adolescent girls on gender issues and impart life skills education (leadership, positive thinking, communication skills etc) among the health volunteers.

In order to achieve these objectives the following activities were conducted :

  • Through the mobile health van efforts were made to provide health services for 473 children, adolescent girls and married women. Prenatal and postnatal services were also provided. 10 cases were referred to hospital/dispensary etc.

  • Group Meetings are conducted with pre -adolescent girls, adolescent girls and women and group sessions are held with them to create awareness about various important issues such as the ill effects of early marriage and adolescent conception, self defense, domestic violence, nutrition, anemia, child abuse, sexual relationships, sexual abuse, safe sex, immunization, menstruation, RTI,STI, etc. 22 groups have been formed with whom 434 meetings have been held in Shashi garden and New Ashok Nagar. Out of these groups 12 women group, 6 adolescent girls group and 4 PNC/ANC groups have been formed. The total number of beneficiaries in these meetings was 1602.

  • Case Work was also carried out to provide help in individual cases. Case Work has been carried out successfully in total of 16 cases in Ashok Nagar and Shashi Garden. Legal help has been provided to needy women/girls.

  • Financial assistance was provided in needy cases per month. Money was spent on travel expenses to hospitals, nutritious diet, ultrasound etc. A sum of rupees 1100 was spent in referral cases and rupees 1100 was spent on needy adolescent girls.

  • Street plays were conducted to create awareness in the community on health issues such as AIDS, cleanliness, early marriage and other topics. 5 street plays have been conducted and 600 persons have benefited from these awareness programs.

  • Training programs were organized by SMILE for the Adhaar staff members working in this project. During the period 87 births have been recorded in New Ashok Nagar and 111 births have recorded in Shashi Garden (Patpargunj) . Two groups, having a total of 10 community health volunteers were trained and they created awareness among the adolescent girls about health care and motivate the women and girls to avail treatment from the doctor in the mobile health van.

  • Financial Assistance: Rupees 400 per month was used for needy persons for purposes such as spending on conveyance for taking the poor person to hospital, nutritious diet to pregnant women, expensive medical tests etc.